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Texas Wellness Spay & Neuter Clinic is a family owned and operated wellness clinic. We offer a full range of wellness services along with spay and neuter surgery to local pet owners. Doctor Amber Valinski, DVM, has over ten years of veterinary medicine experience. Doctor Valinski began her career with a non for profit spay and neuter clinic by taking over the operations directly out of medical school

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01. Schedule Spay or Neuter

At Texas Wellness Spay & Neuter Clinic we fully understand how much pets are part of the family. That is why here you can always expect the best treatment and care for your pets. Our experienced veterinarians will evaluate every animal for special needs prior to surgery. While your pet is here you can feel secure in knowing that we place a high priority on cleanliness and sterility with special precautions to avoid contagious spread of common animal diseases, such as Kennel cough. Spay and Neuter is an essential part of the wellness care for every pet and we are proud to offer our services with the highest standard of care at an affordable price. Come into any of our walk-in clinics for a free evaluation or book a surgery here today!

02.Dental Cleaning

At Texas Wellness Spay & Neuter Clinic, the pet owners can expect great dental cleaning for their pets. Pet owners should know that lack of dental care can lead to risks of bad breath, gum disease, painful infections and tooth loss. Routine dental cleanings are essential to the health and wellness of your pet. Please come in today for a free evaluation, or book an appointment online now!

03.Traveling Wellness Clinics

Do you want the best for your pet? High quality food, grooming, and cute clothes are a great start, but yearly proactive wellness care is essential for the health and happiness of your pet! From dental care, yearly vaccines and dewormers, preventative parasite control and Spay & Neutering, we are here to help with keeping your pet happy and healthy. Come into any of our Wellness locations or check out our calendar of traveling clinics to see if we might be in your area soon! All clinics provide free office visits with highly trained and professional techs that can answer any of your general health questions. Also, all our clinics are led by a professional team of friendly and experienced veterinarians! Please see our calendar for all our dates and times, or give us a call or email! We are always happy to help!


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