Are you Feeding Your Cat Right?

Food is one area that we tend to err whether it is for us or our pets. We try different diets to maintain our weight hoping to find the right one. But when it comes to our pet cats we generally feed them excessively thinking that this will make them healthy.

Most pet owners with pet cats make certain nutritional mistakes that adversely impact the health of their cats. Feeding the cat right is important for maintaining its health and protecting it from various diseases.

Here are some common mistakes made by pet owners:

  • Overfeeding:

    Chubby kittens look adorable! Besides, pet owners believe that a fat cat is a healthy cat. But contrary to these beliefs, the truth is that obesity is the most common health issue among cats.

    This is simply because of the over-indulgence of pet owners who pamper their pets with food. Unfortunately, obesity causes diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and urinary tract diseases.

    The reason for weight gain is not just excessive feeding but also a sedentary lifestyle that cats lead. Since pet cats do not indulge in too much physical activity, they tend to gain weight easily.

    The ideal calorie count for your cat is 24-35 calories per pound per day. But this may vary according to the breed, gender, and other health conditions of your cat. Therefore, your vet is the best person to guide you regarding the exact nutrition your cat requires.

  • Feeding Only Dry Food:

    Most pet owners feed their cats dry food. This is not a recommended diet because cats need moisture intake too. Since cats do not drink sufficient water like dogs voluntarily it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that their cat gets essential fluids. Feeding cats food that contains fluids is recommended.

    Insufficient fluids can cause urinary tract problems for your pets. So make sure that you feed your cat healthy, nutritious food with adequate water content. Canned food for cats is rich in water and keeps your cat hydrated.

  • Inadequate Water:

    We know how important is for human health. But we are not aware that water is equally important for the health of your cat as well. Water constitutes 60-70% of an adult cat’s body weight!

    Wet food, of course, keeps your cat hydrated. But it is not enough. Your cat needs to drink water frequently to remain healthy.

Insufficient water intake can cause serious health issues and even death. So, pet owners need to make sure that their pet cats drink water. One tip is to keep water in locations that your cat likes to frequent. So, when the cat sees water it will consume more.

It is recommended that you take your cat to the vet once in six months to make sure that your cat remains healthy. Your vet can check the weight of your cat and other parameters and suggest any dietary changes that may be required.

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