What do you mean by Spaying and Neutering

Spaying is a surgical process that helps to prevent uterine infections, breast tumors, and other sexual organ diseases in your female pets. Thus we always advise getting your female pet spayed before her first heat. It provides the best prevention from any kind of sexual diseases in your female pet.

Neutering male dogs tremendously helps in preventing testicular cancer. It also prevents some prostate problems that your male pet may suffer. The overpopulation of stray animals is not congenial for the surroundings and the environment and you must be well aware that Spaying/Neutering helps to keep the population of pets like dogs or cats in control.

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Benefits of Spay and Neuter:

Spay and Neuter services are good for the overall health of your pet. Our services also include microchipping, and vaccinations. Being in the clinical health industry we know how important it is for your pet to remain happy and healthy. As a pet owner, it’s your duty to give your pet high-quality care as well. Thus we are not only health concerned but economical as well. We are the best and the affordable Spay and Neuter clinic in McAllen TX.

We are a successful Spay and Neuter clinic as we have succeeded in keeping our prices low with the best health services for the ultimate care of your pet. Our Spay Neuter Clinic in McAllen TX specializes in providing all kinds of health services for pets including vaccinations. We are specialized in making a difference in your as well as your pet’s life.

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Certain queries that we have framed over a period of experience

Do we allow our female pets to litter before spaying?

In this case, we will definitely say no. Female pets should not be allowed to litter before their first heat or before they are spayed. They usually go to heat at the age of 5 -6 months. In fact, we suggest you go for spaying before the heat as it may arise health problems in the times to come.

What should be the appropriate age of pet before Spaying or Neutering?

Pets can be spayed or neutered at 8 weeks of age. If they weigh at least 2 pounds. It may prevent breast cancer or a tumor. Pets at young age recover faster than elder pets so we suggest go for it as per the age recommended by our vets. You can contact them for the same query.

Are Spay and Neuter painful for pets?

Spaying and Neutering can be painful but it can be prevented with medication. Moreover, at Spay and Neuter clinic McAllen TX will provide you with utmost care with advanced technology so that you should not worry.

So if you look for Spay and Neuter in McAllen TX then contact us for all the necessary details. Our experienced vets will help you in the best possible manner.