Does the Coronavirus Infect Animals

There are many diseases in the atmosphere that have the ability to make us fall sick. Coronaviruses have been around for a long time, but the majority of us heard about it recently, something which has come a global pandemic.  Coronavirus is not a single disease. It is referred to as a large family of […]

The Best Wellness Services for the Pets

At Wellness Clinic, we fully understand your pets are part and parcel of your everyday life and your family. That is why here at our wellness clinic, we provide you with the best pet health services that you were looking for. Here at our clinic, you can expect the most careful treatment and care for […]


Hiking with Dog

Your dog can be the perfect partner to accompany you on the outdoor trips, but if you have never taken your pet on a hiking trip before, you are probably not confident about how to proceed. So, below are some tips that will help you and your furry partner to have an amazing time.  -> […]


5 Tips to Choose the Best Food for your Cat

With so many pet food options and brands in the market, not all pet foods can be treated equally. Many products are combined with whole foods and natural ingredients, while others are missing critical components, and some contain chemical additives which can cause health problems.   Every pet owner has done a bit of research […]


Microchipping and Its Importance

To protect the pet, the pet owners do their best to keep them from escaping or wandering off. Many owners put a collar or a tag with identifying information about their pet, but what if there is more they can do. Dogs and cats can sometimes escape from even their most careful owners and in […]

Pet Vaccinations and Why it so Important

Pet Vaccinations and Why it so Important

Do you have pets at home and have not yet taken them to their veterinarians for the vaccinations. If your pet has not been vaccinated until this point, then please get it done as soon as possible. Pet owners must understand the importance of pet vaccinations. They play a vital role in keeping your pets […]


Cold Laser Therapy and How it Reliever Pain in Pets

It is not that easy to recognize the pain in pets as the pets are good at hiding their pain. Cats are the number one in this race. They will only let you know they are in pain when the pain is unbearable. The result is they lose their appetite in the case of cats. […]

Allergies: Its types that Affect Pets

Allergies_ Its types that Affect Pets

Just like people pets too can suffer from seasonal allergies. There are three main types of allergies and we will discuss how to differentiate these types of allergies through physical examination, diagnostics, and treatment. AtopyIt is the most common type of allergy. Atopy is a hypersensitivity that is caused by environmental factors that a pet […]

Why Physical Examinations are Important for Pets

Why Physical Examinations are Important for Pets

Have you ever imagined why we give so much priority to wellness examinations for your pet? It will be a surprise for you that veterinarians and the state needs yearly examinations for all the pets before filling the prescriptions or giving them the vaccines, but there are big reasons behind this. When you go to your […]

6 Most Common Myths about Pet Care

6 Most Common Myths about Pet Care

If you own a cat or a dog, the Internet is full of information for pet owners. So, let’s talk about the most common pet care myths. Myth Number 1: I Don’t Need to Take My Pet For Prevention Every Month It is a common belief that pet owners skip parasite prevention during the winter […]