The concept of mobile clinics for pets is becoming quite popular and many veterinarians are choosing to provide services through mobile clinics.

What are mobile veterinary clinics?

Mobile veterinary clinics are clinical facilities provided to pets either at their homes or at locations close to their homes. While some veterinarians prefer to visit the pet at its home and offer their services, many offer medical care for pets at specific locations in the city according to a schedule.

How do Mobile Clinics Work?

You may have your vet traveling to your home according to a timing mutually convenient for both you and the doctor.

Many veterinarians travel to different locations in a city according to a specific schedule. This schedule is usually available on their website or with their customer care executives.

Pet owners can check the schedule and fix appointments according to when the clinical facilities are available in their neighborhood.

They can take their pets to the mobile clinics according to the scheduled appointment.

While most mobile clinics offer consultation services, many mobile veterinary clinics offer services such as blood tests, x-rays, vaccinations, etc.

It is recommended that you check what services the mobile clinic offers before you fix the appointment to ensure that you get the services you require.

More and more pet owners are choosing mobile veterinary services because of the following reasons:

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