Tips for Flying with your Cat!

Tips for Flying with your Cat

Flying with your cat for the first time can feel like a daunting challenge to take on! You may worry endlessly and spend sleepless nights wondering- How do you keep your pet baby safe? Will they get anxious? Cabin or cargo, Where will they travel? Put all your fears to rest with these simple tips […]

Types of Allergies in Cats

Types of Allergies in Cats

Allergies occur when our immune system becomes sensitive to the things in our surroundings. Just like people, cats and dogs can also develop allergies. Substances that may not bother you or be an allergen to you can very well be allergens for your cat. While there are similarities in symptoms of allergies between humans and […]

3 Tips to Prevent Fleas & Ticks!

3 Tips to Prevent Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks are best suitable in a warmer climate. They thrive during the summer months and in warm regions. Regions that have all-year-round warmer weather often suffer from flea and ticks. For those who love to take their dogs on a walk or hike, fleas and ticks are a common nuisance. One bite and […]

5 Absolute Ingredients to Avoid

5 Absolute Ingredients to Avoid

It is difficult to figure out what is the ideal way for our pet with the several varieties of dog foods on the market. The good news is that by viewing the list of ingredients you can cut beyond branding and marketing and find out what your dog truly eats in the meal. To take […]

Beat the Summer Heat for Your Pet!

Beat the Summer Heat for Your Pet

Summer temperatures are on a mission to set a world record and the heatwaves keep on getting brutal. With this soaring hotness, your pet will also feel the effects. Humans and pets experience heat differently. Therefore you must know how you can protect your pet from the heat. As you cool down for the summer, […]

5 Tips to Choose the Best Food for your Cat!

5 Tips to Choose the Best Food for your Cat

Whether you are a new cat owner (congratulations!) or already have a cat for several months, you should know the right food for your cat. Cats have a hard time digesting carbohydrates and what works for your dog, might not work for your cat. Giving your cat the right nutrients will help to avoid illness […]

Dog Surgeries-Facts you Must Know!

Your pet dog may require a surgical procedure too! Much as we may not like our pet to go through surgery, it is the only option in certain cases! Let’s quickly see when your dog might need surgery? Spaying/Neutering Dental Extractions Surgical removals of benign growths While these surgeries can be planned, there are certain […]

Health Tips and Queries for Adopting Dog and Puppies

Welcoming a canine companion into your house is a wonderful advantage. Even though all we need to do is give a caring home to a little puppy, there are a couple of interesting points to consider while you bring them home. You need your new member to be around for quite a long time to […]

Take Care of Your Furry Friends With Us

Pets are the closest friends among all others. They do not speak like us, but no one can share such emotions as they do. But they are the most delicate friends you can ever have. Therefore, you need to take care of them dedicatedly. It is a difficult task, but we are here to guide […]