If you are a doctor or are working in a renowned neuter and spay clinic, you must have heard many myths about it. Myths revolve around dogs and their reaction to different treatments, both non-medical and medical. Since most of the allegations come with good intentions, it can also create a disastrous effect among the pet owners. It should be upon you to determine what is perfect for your little one. For that, you require the correct information to make that decision. If you have heard something unnatural related to the sterilization of your dog, this article will be sufficient enough to open your eyes.

Sterilization ruins the personality of a dog.

It is one of the most common myths that a reputed Neuter and Spay clinic gets to hear more. The operation will cause the dog to spend some days in recovery. Thus he/she will not be so super active. But this does not mean it will leave a long-term effect on the personality of your dog. Yes, there might be some notable changes, such as the desire to mark and roam the territory will be minimum. The female dogs will not experience any heat any longer, which often ends up in complaints. The dog’s personality depends more on the environment of the home where they live than the sterilization.

Sterilization leads to weight gain.

Most people brought their dogs to the Neuter and spay clinic at the end of their childhood. Thus some specific external aspects need to be considered when it comes to the question of weight gain. Puppies require a different diet than adult dogs. If you are feeding your adult dog with a diet that is more suitable to a highly energetic puppy, then there will be a surplus of the calorie and the puppy might get fatty. Weight gain has little to do with sterilization, and people typically blame this process due to the timing factor. Sterilization leads to a decrease in energy, but it is up to the owner to ensure that your dog is getting a proper balanced diet and exercise.

Sterilization increases the risk of dog diseases.

This is not only incorrect but also quite the opposite. There are different potential diseases that a dog might be subjected to, which can be eliminated through sterilization in the top Neuter and Spay clinic. False pregnancies, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and urine infections are some of the most common health issues in the dogs that the owners can eliminate or reduce the chances through the sterilization process.


The addition of a furry four-legged friend is always an exciting event in the family. Having a pet is a great entertainment and companionship source. However, you also have to make some significant decisions for wellness on their behalf. Among them, the most vital one is whether to neuter the pet or not. Hopefully, we have cleared all the myths related to the clinic, and you have already done the sterilization of your dog.