If you are considering getting your dog spayed or neutered, you may be wondering what this will do to your pet? Will your little one’s behavior change? How will they react? These are questions that are quite common with pet owners considering spaying or neutering their dogs. Here are some answers for you.

Will my dog’s behavior changed once they are spayed or neutered?

The short answer is- yes it will. Spaying and neutering both involve making permanent changes to your dog’s reproductive system, whether male or female. Dogs’ hormonal systems change based on their reproductive system, just like in humans! Hormones are in part responsible for some of our behaviors. Therefore, spaying or neutering your pet will result in some changes.

How will my dog react once spayed or neutered?

There is a lot of variation in how these changes may appear in your dog; your dog may show a drastic personality change, or they may not change at all! Typically older dogs have hormonal systems that are settled, and therefore do not show many changes. Younger dogs on the other hand may change quite a bit as their systems are not settled yet. There is also a difference between male and female dogs- male dogs usually have greater changes in their behavior than female dogs.

The most common behavioral changes seen are:

  • Lowered Sex Drive
  • You may find that your dog, especially if he is male, has the habit of mounting anything insight- from your furniture and décor to guests at your home. This reduces greatly when they are neutered! They may occasionally still exhibit their sex drive, especially if they go through the neutering at an older age; however, this will be a rare occasion.

  • Less Likely to Mark Their Territory
  • All dogs mark their territory. This is their way of showing other animals that they are the alphas of their territory, and they will do anything to protect what is theirs. They do this by urinating, and often this can happen inside your house. Spaying and neutering your dog reduces the likelihood of them marking their territory inside your home, and they can be trained to wait until their walks!

  • Not As Aggressive
  • Male dogs especially reduce their displays of aggression once neutered; however, this is most effective if it’s done at a younger age. Females also show less aggression but the decrease is not as evident as it is in males.

  • Don’t Run Away
  • Dogs tend to wander away in search of mates, or even get into fights. Spaying and neutering reduce this tendency.

Studies have shown that the effects of spaying and neutering on your dog’s behavior are not negative. It actually makes your dog calmer and easier to train, which can be helpful! If you are considering getting your dog spayed or neutered, please consult your veterinarian to make sure that you get your pet the best care.