Many people consider neutering to be a procedure purely to prevent unwanted breeding. While this is a major benefit, there are other health and social benefits to neutering your pets. There are several affordable spay and neuter clinics in Texas such as the Texas Wellness Center. If you don’t have any knowledge of the subject, you might be wanting to know more and this article is for you. There are several important behavioral benefits of neutering your pets. Some of the most important benefits include a significant decrease in aggression, inappropriate mounting, and urine marking. This is a common practice to prevent unacceptable sexual behavior, reduce aggressiveness, and prevent accidental or indiscriminate breeding. Choosing an affordable spay & neuter clinic is the first step to ensuring a happy, healthy life for your pet.

But why is this decision to choose the right spay and neuter clinic, so hard? After all, a spay is a spay, right? They are all the same, aren’t they? Just pick the cheapest option, right? Well, it turns out that there can be very important differences in how these procedures are performed from one practice to the next! We will explore some of them here. Here are a few things to keep in mind before having your pet spayed or neutered.


Yes, price is important. But there are other things that will indicate to you that there is value with a low-cost clinic or with a more expensive full-service veterinary clinic. Make sure that the staff is friendly to you around your queries, make sure they have a certain amount of experience in dealing with pet spaying and neutering.


 It’s your responsibility to make sure that the surgeon or clinic that you’re considering entrusting your pet to is going to give you a high-quality surgery. Ask them about the number of spay and neuter procedures they perform in a week or in a month to ensure they have enough experience so that your pet is in safe hands.

Make sure your pet is comfortable

 Studies have shown that one of the main risk factors in anesthesia death is the pet’s body temperature dropping. Make sure that the clinic you choose uses a combination of heated surgery tables, blankets, Bair-Hugger patient warming systems, and IV fluid warming systems to ensure the maintenance of the safe body temperature of your pet. Ensure that they have pad pressure points on the surgery table for large pets so they don’t wake up with sore spots. Pets are recovered in padded cages with blankets and other warmers as needed.

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