Getting a pet is a commitment for life, and should not be viewed as a temporary arrangement. Whether it is a dog, or a cat, spaying and neutering your pets is of utmost importance. As many are still shopping for pets and buying them from backyard breeders, understanding why is necessary to spay or neuter is imperative to the wellbeing of the animals and reduces the number of pets that are abandoned regularly, over time.

Spaying and neuters your pets have numerous advantages for your pet, as also you, as an owner. Spaying your cat and dog at a Valley spay and neuter clinic will ensure a healthy life without trouble, during the breeding season and when females come on heat.

Heat Cycles for Dogs and Cats

Spaying your female pet, whether a dog or a cat involves removing their reproductive organs permanently; for females, it means removing the uterus and the ovaries. Neutering is for male pets, and it involves removing the testicles of the animal. These procedures have beneficial effects on pets, as dogs and cats will roam for mates during the heat. While males can be on heat year-round, females have specific times for most dogs

Female dogs can come on heat every six months, but oftentimes, the smaller breed can come on heat up to three times a year. Cats, on the other hand, go on heat seasonally, although they can be impregnated during any time of the year. The heat cycle can last up to 14 days and for a minimum of five days.

Advantages of Spaying and Neutering

There are numerous health benefits for pets, and owners can look forward to an easier time, as handling pets on heat can be a very difficult task. Some of the main benefits are as follows:

This is also a cost-effective solution than having a litter, not to mention providing a better life for your beloved pet. At a Texas spay and neuter clinic, you can rest assured that your animals will be successfully spayed and neutered for a better quality of life.