At spay and neuter veterinary clinic McAllen TX, we fully understand that pets are part of the family. That is why we give the best treatment and care for your pets. Our experienced veterinarians will assess every animal for its special needs prior to any treatment. While your pet is here you can feel relaxed, stress-free, and secure as we place a high priority on the cleanliness and sterility of all the medical equipment. We pay special precautions to avoid the contagious spread of common animal diseases, such as Kennel cough.

Spay and Neuter veterinary clinic McAllen TX is essential for every pet and we are proud to offer our services with the highest standard of care at an affordable price. Come into any of our walk-in clinics for a free consultation or evaluation or book a surgery here today!

Our veterinary clinic McAllen TX, has ultimate goal is to provide you and the pet community with routine and emergency veterinary care for their pets. We offer high-quality medical services and value for our clients. Our doctors strive to practice medicine within the guidelines of the veterinary medical association. With flexible hours, our hospital provides services 24*7 that is we offer the convenience of the weekend, evening, and drop off appointments to our clients. We are a client-oriented service provider. Thus schedule an appointment and meet our staff and veterinarians today at Spay and Neuter veterinary clinic McAllen TX. We promise to treat each pet with care, love, and compassion, and each family.

If you have any emergency simply contact us via mail or can call us. With extended hours our staff and our experienced doctors, technicians, and surgeons are available to assist in any kind of pet injury or acute medical condition or any kind of surgery.

Our services include vaccines, wellness exams, medical diagnostics, general surgery, and emergency medicine.

Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Hospital at our Veterinary Clinic McAllen TX

Convenience and dedication is the motto of our veterinary clinic McAllen TX. We are always available when you need us. We are well-staffed with caring technicians and veterinarians to provide medical treatment for your pet.

Your pet will never be left alone and will get utmost attention under the supervision of our expert vets. Our dedicated staff ensures that a veterinarian or veterinary technician is always to monitor your pet so as to provide proper treatment.

As our clinic has continued to grow in the many past years by leaps and bounds. Our veterinary clinic McAllen TX has increased staff and acquired new technology to provide the best care in diagnostic, medical, dental, and surgical services. Our services start from routine preventative care such as vaccinations, heartworm, and intestinal parasite control, flea and tick control, to more serious injuries like illnesses, minor and major surgeries. Our veterinarians and staff continually strive to provide prompt, courteous, and professional service to every client that consults or visits our clinic.

We know our clients want the best when it comes to their pet’s care. Our veterinary clinic McAllen TX appreciate the opportunity to provide utmost careful veterinary care.