As homes begin to fill with holiday vibes, the pets even become excited by the new smells, sights, and tastes of the festive season. While you cook, decorate, and wrap gifts, make sure to stay clear of potential holiday hazards.

These beacons of the season look beautiful but can pose some dangers to the pet. Ensure to securely anchor your tree to prevent it from tipping or falling as sometimes the curious pets run around the base or could try to climb on them.

If you decide to go with a real tree, sweep the area regularly and look for fallen needles that can bunch together causing an obstruction, which can result in severe consequences if swallowed. Tree oils can sometimes cause irritation leading to drooling, vomiting, and possible inflammation and even swelling. Prevent the pet from drinking water standing below the tree by covering the water dish as it may contain chemicals or fertilizers for preserving your tree that could be toxic to your pet.

Holiday plants are an excellent way to brighten the festive season, but some prove dangerous if consumed by your pet. Common holiday plant hazards include amaryllis, chrysanthemums, azaleas, holly, juniper, lily, and poinsettias. It is recommended to use artificial plants or choose pet-safe flower arrangements for holidays. Remember, even non-toxic plants can cause gastrointestinal upset if consumed in large quantities.

Holiday foods are incredibly fattening and hard for animals to digest. This can result in an upset digestive system or even more serious medical conditions such as pancreatitis which can be life-threatening. These include bones, as they can become lodged in the throat, stomach, and even digestive tract and sometimes requires surgery to remove.

Chocolate or other sweetened treats can harm your pet’s health. Make sure to keep your pets clear of the table, unattended plates of food, and especially open containers. Securely fasten the lid of the garbage cans at all times. If you wish to include your pet in the holiday feast, give them the made-for-pet treats.

Flashy tinsel, brightly colored garlands, and other tempting candy canes are all part of getting into the holiday season. However, these eye-catching toys can make pets curious. Keep breakable decorations out of reach of pets.

Decorative lights on the tree and around the house look amazing but sometimes can pose an electrical hazard if chewed. Signs of electrical shock can cause oral burns, loss of consciousness, abnormal heart rhythm, and sometimes seizures. To keep the pet safe, we recommend using organizers, electrical cord covers,  and hanging lights for keeping the pets out of reach.

Winter is a wonderful time to enjoy with pets, but the extremely cold weather can also bring about hazards in and outside of the home. Below are some helpful tips care for your pet during the season:

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