What do you mean by spay and neutering your pet? When your pet goes through these procedures, it means that your animal is undergoing a minor surgical process to remove its reproductive organs. Females get spayed, and males get neutered. Based on the health and age of your pet, it might take a few days or weeks to return them home after the procedure. Mostly your little friend will be a bit groggy for the first few days or hours. You may or might not have to remove the stitches also after a few days. But you need to know few things as a pet owner before going through the process of spay and neuter in Mcallen, TX.

How is this process advantageous for your pet?

Your pet will begin to enjoy a higher quality of life once you get them spayed and neutered. Various temperament issues, including different health issues like ovarian problems, testicular, uterine, breast, or prostate cancer, will disappear completely. Friendly interaction with the opposite sex’s animals will become much simple. Your pet will remain much less anxious and highly strung in each of the cases.

There will be no presence of a heat cycle for these types of animals. It means there will be no crying kitties three times in a year or unwanted attention from the neighborhood male cats. Neutering and spaying also help to keep your pets closer to your home. It will be less likely that they will leave while the door is unattended or open or wander with no motive in the locality.

Why are neutering and spaying significant for the animal community?

Thousands of dollars of tax money were spent in numerous countries and cities to curb unwanted dogs and cats. But if you remove the reproductive organs of your pets, it will help to keep unwanted birth of the animals in the community. It will save both money and time and will create a better animal life for quality who are in desperate need of a good home in the shelters. Animal shelters are already full, overgrowing with stray animals. Innumerable dogs and cats are moving aimlessly in the neighborhood, turning over the trash cans, scaring the wildlife away, and attacking other pets and humans. Every 70000 cats and dogs are giving birth all over the world. Out of these, only 11 million animals are euthanized in the animal shelter. It means that almost 65% of animals turn to the pound and will end their lives there.

Are Spaying and Neutering applicable only for dogs and cats?

Rabbits are considered the third animal that gives birth to the highest number after dogs and cats. But if you want to keep your pet rabbit for your entire life without any more increasing number, then you can get your pet spayed and neutered. It will offer you all the advantages like the spaying and neutering processes of the cats and dogs.


The spay and neuter in Mcallen, TX procedure are quite expensive. But some veterinarians and clinics even offer discount prices and EMI systems for the process. So do not delay further and get your pets spayed and neutered to give them a healthy life.