Being a pet owner, it becomes your responsibility to give complete protection and care to your pet. One of the crucial decisions you will ever have to take is about spay or neuter your pet.

Every year, thousands of pets are destroyed because they are unwanted and homeless. With so many animals in need, animal care centers can’t support all animals. However, spaying or neutering pets is the solution to this issue.

The process of spaying involves the surgical removal of a female animal’s uterus and ovaries. The same goes for the males’ testicles which then removed surgically is called neutering. Both spaying and neutering make the animals unable to reproduce. Besides, to prevent unwanted pregnancies in pets, these procedures come with plenty of benefits. Some of these include:

Animal Population control

The increasing animal population is a matter of concern for the world and the unwanted population must be reduced. One of the ways is by spaying or neutering the dogs and cats that are adopted from animal care facilities. Once the male reproductive part is removed, they will no longer be able to make the female pregnant. By preventing unwanted pregnancies in dogs and cats, pet overpopulation can be reduced to some extent.

Eliminate diseases

Spaying or neutering can significantly help in reducing a pet’s chance of acquiring diseases. For instance, if a female pet is spayed before her first heat cycle will no longer be at risk of diseases related to the female reproductive part. This sets them from the risk of mammary gland tumors, ovarian, and or uterine cancer.

In males, neutering eliminates the risk of testicular cancer and significantly decreases your pet’s chances of prostate disease.

Reduces aggression

One of the main reasons to castrate your pet is to improve the behavioral issues in animals. Aggression in animals is a natural response that can be demonstrated by biting, barking, and chasing. Many pet owners become frustrated in trying to control the aggressive dogs while at the same time try to find the reason and solution to such behavior.

Having your pet spayed or neutered can help reduce aggression. Whether your pet is aggressive around food, people, other dogs, or something else, this surgical process will help to change their aggressive violent behavior.

Lack of desire to roam

In addition to the above benefits, spaying a female cat prevents mating behaviors such as hyperactivity and fighting in females. Furthermore, spayed cats do not roam much which saves them from the dangers of vehicles and aggressive dogs.

In the past, spaying or neutering was limited as pet owners were not sure about the associated benefits but now this surgical procedure is preferred worldwide and considered a smart decision by the owners.

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