6 Most Common Myths about Pet Care

6 Most Common Myths about Pet Care

If you own a cat or a dog, the Internet is full of information for pet owners. So, let’s talk about the most common pet care myths. Myth Number 1: I Don’t Need to Take My Pet For Prevention Every Month It is a common belief that pet owners skip parasite prevention during the winter […]

What to Expect with Anesthesia for your Pet?

What to Expect with Anesthesia for your Pet

During your pet’s medical operation, a properly provided anesthetic will keep him or her comfortable, stress-free, and pain-free. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about how to use it. Anesthesia is a normal aspect of the veterinary hospital, whether it’s for surgery like spaying/neutering or annual dental care, and it’s extremely probable […]

Inclusive Canine & Feline Care at Texas Wellness Spay and Neuter Clinic!

You take your dog for a daily walk, feed it the best quality food available in the market, customize a cute warmer for your dog (or cats, too), provide the softest bed for rest. If you still believe that your pet care regime ends there, it does not! A dedicated and affectionate pet parent must […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Neutering and Spaying

Many adorable pets like dogs and cats, euthanized each year in North America due to an irresponsible breeding rate. Every family will cherish a healthy and happy pet, aside from grooming, meeting the required nutritional benefits, and exercise. To keep them happy, you should have done their neutering and spaying from any reputable clinic nearby […]

Spay and Neuter Guide for Pet Owners

What do you mean by spay and neutering your pet? When your pet goes through these procedures, it means that your animal is undergoing a minor surgical process to remove its reproductive organs. Females get spayed, and males get neutered. Based on the health and age of your pet, it might take a few days […]

Debunking the Myths about Neuter and Spay Process!

If you are a doctor or are working in a renowned neuter and spay clinic, you must have heard many myths about it. Myths revolve around dogs and their reaction to different treatments, both non-medical and medical. Since most of the allegations come with good intentions, it can also create a disastrous effect among the […]

The Benefits of Collaborating with Spay And Neuter McAllen TX

Spay and Neuter Clinic McAllen TX is a complete fitness safety answer for your pets. We contribute to their happy and lengthy life. Neutering puppies is a moral preference that entails paring numbers of homeless dogs from a harsher fact that regularly causes illnesses and infections. Besides this, spaying and neutering facilitates in making puppies […]

Best Veterinary Care Clinic McAllen TEXAS

We are committed to providing exceptional and best Veterinary Clinics throughout your pet’s life in TEXAS. We are the Best Veterinary Clinic in TEXAS as we fully understand pets are part of the family and love of a home.  Our experienced veterinarians first evaluate every veterinary for the special needs they require prior to surgery, […]

Does Your Pet Eat Too Fast? How To Slow Down Your Dog’s Eating

Does your canine eat up food without relishing a solitary taste? Does your puppy swallow down dishes of kibble like his or her life relied upon it? At Texas Wellness Spay & Neuter Clinic, our pet specialists realize how risky it very well may be if your canine eats excessively quick all the time, yet […]

5 Foods That Can Be Toxic for Your Dog

While we may consider dogs to be members of our family, treating them as such at mealtimes can cause more injury to them than just spoiling their dinners. Here’s a gander at the five most hazardous nourishments for your pooch, how they influence their bodies, and what to do if there should be an occurrence […]