Each year, millions of dogs and cats are put to death in shelters because there are simply not enough homes for them all. Countless more are abandoned or lost in our communities where they succumb to hunger, thirst, exposure, disease, predation, or accidental death. The Texas Wellness Spay & Neuter Clinic helps to reduce the number of animals that die needlessly by attacking the source of the problem. Far too many animals are born unwanted. Spay/neuter is the single most effective way of preventing unwanted births, and animals that are not born never have to face a lonely and heartbreaking death. We also work to protect animals against preventable diseases that might shorten their lives unnecessarily.

The obvious benefit is better control of the cat and dog population, but did you know there are numerous health problems that occur solely in unneutered dogs and cats? Many people consider neutering to be a procedure purely to prevent unwanted breeding. While this is a major benefit, there are other health and social benefits to neutering your pets. There are several spay And neuter clinics in Texas such as the Texas Wellness Center. If you don’t have any knowledge of the subject, you might be wanting to know more and this article is for you. Today, we are going to explain the reasons why castration is a procedure you really should be considering for your male dogs and cats.

The main reason to castrate your pet, besides the reproduction part, is to improve behavioral issues such as mounting other dogs, people or furniture, spraying urine, and being aggressive. The androgen (male) hormones, of which testosterone is the most important, are responsible for the development of many behavioral patterns. The degree castration has on suppressing aggression varies between animals and the age at which it is done. Its effect is greatest if it is done before one year of age. Castration eliminates the possibility of testicular cancer and greatly reduces the chance of prostate disease, two extremely common and serious problems of older male dogs. Tumours are often benign however they can grow very large, becoming painful, and sometimes secreting hormones that are harmful to the dog. As with most cancers, these usually are not noted until the animal reaches 5 or more years of age. So, castrating your pet before that age is recommended.

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