At Wellness Clinic, we fully understand your pets are part and parcel of your everyday life and your family. That is why here at our wellness clinic, we provide you with the best pet health services that you were looking for. Here at our clinic, you can expect the most careful treatment and care for your pets.

Our experienced veterinarians will help you without any delay and evaluate every animal for special needs before surgery or any treatment. When your pet is here, you can feel stress-free in knowing that we place a high priority on cleanliness and sterility with special precautions to avoid the contagious spread of common animal diseases, like Kennel cough.

Spay and Neuter is also an essential part of the wellness clinic. We carefully look after every pet, and that we are proud to supply our services with the very best standard of care at a very reasonable price. You are most welcome to visit any of our walk-in clinics for a free evaluation/ consultation or can book a surgery/ treatment here today!

At our wellness clinic, pet owners can expect excellent dental cleaning for his or her pets. Pet owners should know that lack of care can cause risks of bad breath, gum disease, painful infections and tooth loss. Routine dental cleanings are not only primary but essential well to the health and wellness of your pet. Please avail it today for a free evaluation, or book a meeting online now!

We at our wellness clinic know that for every pet owner, their pet is like a child. Thus, providing them with top-quality food, grooming, and cute clothes is an excellent start, but yearly proactive wellness care is vital for your pet’s health and happiness! From maintenance, annual vaccines and dewormers, preventative parasite control and Spay & Neutering, we are here to assist with keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Don’t take much time to visit any of our Wellness locations, or you can check our calendar of travelling clinics to ascertain if we would be in your area soon or not ! Our all wellness clinics provide free office visits with highly trained and professional techs, which will answer any of your general health questions. Also, all our wellness clinics are led by a knowledgeable team of skilled and experienced veterinarians! Please go through calendar for all our dates and times, or give us a call or email! We are always happy to help!

Our Wellness Clinic is a family-owned and operated wellness clinic. We provide a full range of wellness services alongside spay and neuter surgery to local pet owners. Our doctors have vast medical experience. If you’re trying to find the best animal care clinic for your furry beloved, then consider only Wellness Clinic. It’s a reputed animal wellness clinic that gives all the specified health services for animals. Your pets need different packages for cats, dogs, surgeries, Flea medications, heartworm prevention, and various other services. Our vets are experienced and will assure the simplest, best care and health services to the pets.