There is no secret that pets give us joy and unconditional love every day. The human-animal bond is very powerful, and the link goes beyond that. We see this bond quite often.

The human-animal bond began quite a long time back thousands of years ago, when animals were not only for our pleasure and companionship, mainly they were used for work and to complete a specific job that humans need in order to survive. Herding, protection, hunting, and even pest control were some of the important work.

With time, animals became their trusted companions as well as workers, and the mutual bond with them strengthened. Nowadays, many pet breeds don’t work at all, but there are some breeds that still do. Regardless of what they do, our pets are now forever bonded into our lives and they make our hearts and homes happier.

The human-animal bond has been studied in current times. Scientists found that pets nowadays have taken up a place in people’s lives similar to that of a child. Hence, people prioritize by taking good care of their pets even at difficult times. There are even other ways we know when animals positively affect the lives of people, as over and above our pleasure in their company.

Help in improving our health:
There have been a number of studies to prove the positive impact of animals on human health, Physical, mental, and even emotional. Walking with your dog or sometimes running is great for your health, as well as a great way to establish a bond with your dog. Even the act of petting your cat or dog has been shown to reduce blood pressure and alleviate stress. And, nowadays visits from therapy dogs have been shown to reduce the pain and discomfort in cancer patients and terminally ill children. Sometimes for senior citizens, a pet is recommended to keep them away from loneliness.

They are good for kids:
Watch the way your kids interact with your pets, and you will love to see how positively they are impacted by animals. When kids learn togetherness, take care of each other, or get outside more because of the pet, these interactions teach positive life lessons that last forever. The presence of an animal has been shown to significantly increase positive social behaviors among kids with autism spectrum disorders and can provide patients the motivation to stay optimistic. Pets are the true protectors in saving the kids if a snake or any animal tries to harm the kids the pets react quite instantly.

Lives Savers:
Story after story can be related to how the pets are saving human lives. They may alert neighbors during an emergency when their owner becomes unconscious or get injured, or they are outstanding in companionship if someone needs to fight off loneliness and depression. The bond is more than that, the invisible ties that bind us with our pets are good for our body, mind, and spirit. For more details call us today and book an appointment.