Adopting an animal who is living in a shelter or foster home is an amazing decision. As shelters are full at a bursting point, older and unwell older animals are sometimes being put to sleep because there is no space and funds to care for them. By choosing to adopt a dog rather than purchasing a puppy from a breeder, you not only have rescued him from an uncertain future, but you are also about to gain a loyal, fun, and loving companion.

To help you get started on bringing a new pet to your family, here are some tips when preparing to adopt a dog.

Registering Your Pet

As the new dog will already be given a clean bill of health before you adopt him. But, injuries and illnesses can come at any time, and the last thing that you want to happen is seeking the services of a vet without being registered with one. This can cause panic and opt for the vet availability at that time, even if they didn’t offer the best service. Check out for the local vets and get your pet registered before he moves in.

Paperwork And Medical Records

One of the trickiest things while adopting a dog is not knowing about its history. Sometimes, the shelter from where are adopting him may have traced where he comes from. It is better to collect the paperwork that you may find, especially the medical records as these will be useful for the vet.

Purchase The Equipment

It is helpful to have everything the pet needs in place for his arrival so that you can spend a good time getting to know one another rather than going out shopping. Basic equipment should include:

* Food and water bows

* A bed and blanket

* Collar and ID tag

* A leash

* Toys and treats

* And Yes, the Pet food.

Also check with his shelter about the type of diet he is being fed currently, as ideally, you should carry on with the same diet. This will reduce the likelihood of refusing to eat or sometimes having a reaction when there is a change in diet. If you want to move on to a different product in diet, you can do once he has settled in.

Prepare The Family Members

Adopting a dog is a big responsibility for everyone in your home and it will be better if all are on the same page when it comes to caring. Everyone must decide who is going to take which responsibility for each aspect of his care, and what behavior you are and are not going to allow ahead of time. For example, are you allowing your new dog to sit on the furniture? Or will he be allowed upstairs in the house? Decide on the rules and always stick to them.

If you are adopting a dog and would love to give you the advice and support you need, our experienced team are here to help you. Please don’t hesitate to call us and book the appointment today!