Spaying is the removal of the uterus and ovaries from the female pet which is a veterinary procedure. It requires minimal hospitalization and offers a greater health benefit.

Neutering is the removal of testicles of your male pet either cat or dog. It improves your pet’s behavior tremendously and keeps him close to you.

Welcome to Spay and Neuter Clinic

We are an affordable and comprehensive Spay and Neuter Clinic that cares for female health and protection. Neutering is a virtuous choice that involves the paring of a number of homeless puppies. It’s a harsh reality whether you have recently adopted a pet or you are considering it one but Spay and Neuter are one of the essential health decisions you can make for your cat and dog.

Why Spaying and Neutering?

It helps to prevent tumors and urine infections in your pet. In case you are in a dilemmatic condition to get your pet Spay and Neuter then, it is the right time to take the step forth and take a firm decision towards it. Even in the case of male dogs neutering can help in declining the chances of testicular cancer.

Spaying and Neutering helps to fight overpopulation in pets. To let your pet keep producing new offspring is not a healthy choice. Your neutered pet is much more well behaved than a normal one. They will not roam from home.

Your female pet usually goes for heat three to four days every three weeks during the breeding season. Thus it prevents them to go into heat. Last but not the least, it has major health benefits for your pet.

Why you choose our clinic for Spay and Neuter?

1) Cost-Effective: We are the most affordable Spay and Neuter clinic in your area. Moreover keeping an accentuated pet is more cost-effective than bearing other expenses like mating, pregnancy, and other medical expenditure. It will alsoreduce your burden to allocate resources so as to fend your dog. Thus if you are looking to eliminate the burden of additional money outflow and other responsibilities of your pet from your shoulder, go choose our Spay and Neuter clinic.

2) Reduces Aggression: You will find a tremendous change in your pet once you go for spaying and neutering. Your pet’s aggressive behavior will noticeably reduce. It would be probably deeper than what you would have imagined. It will also reduce the sex urge and reproduction in them.

3) Behavioral Change: A set of behavior that you probably look in your pet will automatically get induced in him/her as soon as you go it. We ensure a good manner in your pet with a topping of calm behavior.

4) Medical facilities: Whether you talk about anesthesia or superior monitoring services for your pets our spay and neuter clinic will surpass all the facilities available worldwide.

Thus keeping in mind its medical and health benefits we advise spaying/neutering/castration should be your vital choice if you own a pet. With the advancement in technology medical field has touched the zenith and in the case of pets, it is rapidly developing. In case you are worried about pain and post neutering consequences than we would say “Just take a chill pill”. We have a well-developed post neutering care system for your pet.

We would suggest come out of your wrong beliefs and myths which are associated with the process. Still in case you are skeptical or have doubts or any aftermaths that you cannot predict do not hesitate to consult us.

Also, we will suggest that spay and neutering services are different for cats and dogs, consulting with a reputed clinic like us that possesses outstanding credentials is a must for you.

Our mission is to provide low cost and high-quality spay and neuter service in the society, vaccination and microchipping at a very nominal price.

Thus book your appointment today itself and let’s decide what is best for your pet.