Imagine the scene, you come around the bend, you dog has a gym sock in their mouth. Before you can draw breath to say “drop it”, woosh, the sock is swallowed whole. Uh oh. Now What? It seems to be an unwritten law that dogs sprung with something they shouldn’t have in their moth can swallow faster than the speed of light.

For some pet proprietors this with either sign a knowing feeling of fear and for other people, it won’t be a blip on the radar. How would you realize what is the correct reaction? The appropriate response, it depends. It relies upon what they have gulped, to what extent back they have gulped it and the pet’s particular history.

Now, what do you do if your pet swallows something they shouldn’t have? Well, you should NEVER try to induce vomiting at home despite how many times you read it on the internet. That is a terrible idea! If you pet has something lodged in their mouth, is in obvious distress or choking you need to get them to the vet as soon as possible! Only try to remove objects from their mouth if it is safe.

If you saw your pet swallow an object call your vet immediately for advice. Sometimes if the object is small and soft enough and not much time has passed we may be able to remove it using a variety of different methods including safely inducing vomiting or even endoscopy. Leaving it and hoping it will be ok could become a recipe for disaster with the swallowed object becoming lodged in either the stomach or the small intestine.

If you pet has swallowed something, you haven’t sought veterinary advice and then your pet goes off their food or develops vomiting you will need an urgent trip to the vet as intestinal blockages can quickly progress to become life threatening.

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