It goes without saying, that vaccinations play a critical role in ensuring your pet grows up in the best of health. Furthermore, vaccinations protect your pet from several highly contagious diseases such as respiratory tract infections, canine distemper among many others. Not to mention, it also protects against transmissible diseases such as rabies that also pose a risk to humans. Furthermore, the importance of pet immunization in Mcallen TX may not be something most pet owners consider, but the fact remains that immunization saves millions of lives.

Vaccinating your pet can not only help them live a long and healthy life, but can also help in avoiding costly treatments for diseases that can be prevented. Read on to find out five reasons to vaccinate your pet.

  1. Prevents serious diseases- One of the major benefits of vaccinating your pet is the fact that it helps in preventing serious diseases. Furthermore, vaccines are proven to reduce the rate of infection and severity of illness for common diseases. Besides, they are an essential part of keeping your pet healthy. Furthermore, some vaccines, called core vaccines, are recommended for all dogs, cats and ferrets. Moreover, non-core vaccines are recommended on an individual basis depending on the pet’s lifestyle and riks of exposure to particular diseases.
  2. Cost-effective- In addition to preventing serious diseases, vaccinating your pet is also less expensive than treating them if they become sick.
  3. It protects other pets- Without proper vaccination of your pet, you could also be putting other people’s pet and even other people at risk. In fact, an unvaccinated pet could even be a liability in the event that your dog bites or otherwise injures another pet.
  4. Required by law- In many areas, local or state ordinances require certain vaccinations of household pets. For example, in many areas, keeping your dog up-to-date on its rabies vaccination is a legal requirement. You could even be fined or otherwise penalized if your pet isn’t up-to-date.
  5. Socializing your pet- Many boarding facilities, airlines and training facilities require proof of vaccination before accepting your pet. Furthermore, if you plan on getting your pet out to enjoy the world, getting them vaccinated should at the top of your priority list.

While these were some of the reasons to vaccinate your pet, there are many others, such as prevents pets from passing on a disease such as Leptospirosis, which can be passed from animals to people, protection for yourself among many others.