You probably already know that brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is necessary for good oral hygiene, but you may not realize that dental care is equally necessary for your pet. Brushing, giving dental chews, and obtaining expert cleanings regularly will assist your pet’s oral health. A bright smile is only one benefit of good oral health. Let’s look at some of the reasons why pet dental care is so crucial.

1. Prevent Tooth Loss

Your pet’s teeth are required for effective food chewing. One reason why pet dental care is so essential is that losing a single tooth may make eating difficult. Periodontal disease might develop if your cat does not receive regular dental care. This illness infects and inflames the periodontal ligament and jawbone, resulting in tooth loss. If untreated, your pet may lose all of his or her teeth.

2. Avoid Bad Breath

If you ever get a whiff of your dog’s foul breath, it’s a warning that bacteria is accumulating as a result of inadequate dental care. Cleaning your dog’s teeth regularly might assist to keep that stench at bay. A plaque will build if the food particles that adhere to their teeth and gums are not removed. 

Plaque, a biological biofilm, covers the teeth’ surface. After a few days, the film will calcify and become cement-hard. While the first layer is thin, subsequent layers will form as time goes on. Plaque is a horrible yellow-brown film that builds on the teeth of your dog. Plaque is a satiny substance formed when bacteria gather together. Cleaning your teeth on a regular basis can help remove plaque before it hardens into tartar. Otherwise, tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth would require expert cleaning.

3. Prevent Periodontal Disease

Tartar on your dog’s teeth can cause irritation and infection of the gums. The gums may recede from the teeth, putting dental health in jeopardy. This can cause gingivitis in your dog, which can result in permanent tooth loss. 

Understanding the significance of oral health in dogs will help you keep your dog from developing periodontal disease.

4. Avoid Pain

Both canines and people can suffer from dental disease. Keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy will help him prevent dental pain. Otherwise, they might not want to eat. Your pet may also go through emotional swings. 

The following are some symptoms:

It’s not too late to start brushing your pet’s teeth today, even if you’ve ignored them for years. Your veterinarian may assess your pet and provide a treatment plan for dental and health problems. The appropriate approach will prevent infections or dental difficulties from progressing while also relieving any discomfort your pet is experiencing. Dental health is important for cats’ and dogs’ overall health and happiness. Visit your veterinarian for a thorough dental check-up of your dog. The expert veterinary doctors at Texas Wellness Spay and Neuter Clinic take care of the dental health of your pet.