Looking for a Veterinary Doctor for your Cat?

Choosing a good veterinary doctor for your cat is serious matter and should not be taken lightly. Your vet has a huge role to play in keeping your pet healthy and happy. While selecting a vet you need to ensure that both you and your cat are comfortable with the vet.

Therefore, you need to take a proactive approach and personally select a vet for your cat. If you select a good veterinarian, you will not have to worry too much about the health of your cat.

Here’s how you can find the best vet for your cat:

  • Look for a Veterinary Clinic that is Easy to Access

    Cats do not like to travel, so it is best to look for a clinic that is close to your home. Or look for a vet who offers home visits.

    Another option is to look for a veterinarian who offers mobile clinic services. These are services wherein the veterinary doctor sets up clinics in different localities according to a schedule. It is convenient to take your cat to the clinic when there is a scheduled visit in your neighborhood.

    It is recommended that you look for clinics that are easy to reach especially if your pet is a cat because getting a cat to travel a long distance can be an ordeal.

  • Ask your Friends/Neighbors

    Although the internet will provide you a list of veterinary clinics when you search for one, it is best that you look for a doctor recommended by someone who is known to you. This is because these people can suggest vets based on their personal experience.

  • Choose a Vet who Specializes in Taking Care of Cats

    Not all vets are good with cats. Make sure that the vet you choose is an expert in managing healthcare of cats. Ask the vet about how many years of experience he has in treating cats.

  • Ensure that the Vet is Licensed

    We generally assume that the veterinary doctor will be licensed. However, it is best that you verify if the doctor is licensed to practice in your state. Make sure that the staff in the clinic is also licensed.

  • Check if the Doctor is Good Enough

    Each vet has a different approach pet care and its medication. It is a good idea to talks to the vet and ask him about his approach to healthcare of cats. If you are comfortable with his approach, you can go ahead and choose the vet.

  • Make Sure that the Clinic is Clean and Hygienic

    The hygiene standards maintained by the clinic are very important because your pet can get infected in unclean environments. So, make sure that you choose a veterinary clinic that maintains high standards of cleanliness.

  • Is your Cat Comfortable with the Vet?

    Take your cat to meet the vet and watch how the cat responds to the vet. Mild discomfort initially is expected. However, if your cat gets distressed or gets hostile, then you need to look for another vet!

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