Texas Wellness Clinic – Delivering More Good and Healthy Years to Your Pet!

Texas Wellness clinic is a small animal treatment center with full services for their well-being. We are one of the renowned clinics in the area that welcomes both regular pet requirements like spaying and neutering, vaccinations, and other restricted emergency treatments as well. All our veterinarian team includes many years of experience to treat your pet’s serious conditions and offer regular care. The staff of the Texas wellness clinic is highly trained on all the common diseases and well skilled in handling your fur babies. We are one of the leading client-focused veterinary hospitals in these localities.

Our facility comes with a start of the art infrastructure and advanced equipment, allowing us to deliver high-standard veterinary care at an affordable price. We always make sure that your beloved pets remain healthy, vibrant and continue to lead a healthy life throughout their remaining days on this planet. Texas Wellness Clinic offers an extensive array of veterinary services for pets in the below segments.

  • Spaying and Neutering:

    Spaying prevents the formation of breast tumors and other uterine infections, which are cancerous or malignant in almost 90% female cats and 50% female dogs. If you spay your four-pawed friend before hitting their first heat, they will get the best security against these diseases. Neutering in male cats and dogs prevents prostate and testicular cancer. Overpopulation has become the most primary reason for the detrimental health and well-being of the pet community. Thus if you are also searching for the best clinic to do the neutering and spaying of your pet, look no further as we are here to guarantee the best care before, after, and during the surgical procedures.

  • Dental Cleaning:

    All the dental cleaning procedures of your pet at Texas Wellness clinic I performed under the effect of anesthesia along with pain medication, bloodwork, and continuous monitoring by a registered doctor. This method helps cleaning the gum lines and both sides of your pet teeth efficiently, painlessly, and thoroughly. We examine each tooth of your little one for root and gum diseases with the help of dental radiographs. Here we also perform extraction of the decayed and chipped tooth.

Some other services offered by our experienced and professional veterinarians and staff are as follows.

  • Vaccinations and pet wellness programs for preventing various illnesses
  • Various medical diagnoses for treating different diseases
  • Pain management starting from acute to chronic pain
  • Application of radio wave surgery with no pressure on their skin
  • Ultrasound to examine the internal organs within a real-time manner
  • Laser therapy for managing the pain and healing the injuries

All our facilities and services are designed to deliver complete surgical care, full medical attention, and consultation services for large operations. We understand the role of your furry friend in your life and are dedicated to providing them a disease-free and healthy life. Here we strive to provide sound advice and optimal care so that you can enjoy maximum quality time with your little companion.