Tips for Dental Care of Dogs

We love to have dogs as pets at home! Most of us are aware of the fact that dogs need to be vaccinated regularly and dewormed, but we are not very particular about their dental care. Dental care of a dog is as important as that of humans because dental issues can lead to life-threatening infections and impact vital organs like the liver, kidneys, or heart.

Also, if the teeth are not cleaned regularly, dogs can develop problems like tartar and plaque buildup and gingivitis, etc.

Here’s what you can do to keep your dog’s teeth healthy:

  • Brush your Dog’s Teeth Regularly

    Maintaining dental hygiene is the first step towards your pet’s dental care. It is recommended that you start brushing your dog’s teeth when he is a puppy. This will help him get accustomed to it at an early age and his teeth will be well-maintained.

    A double-headed toothbrush with brushes at 45 degrees angle is recommended for the best cleaning. Make sure that you do not use human toothpaste for your pet. Use toothpaste specifically meant for dogs.

  • Feed him Right

    What you feed your pet has a huge role to play in his oral health. Dry, crunchy food is better than soft food that sticks to his teeth and causes decay.

  • Dental Cleaning by a Specialist

    Even if you are brushing your dog’s teeth and taking care of other aspects of oral care, a visit to a veterinarian is a must. This is because vets provide deep full cleaning of the teeth.

    Your feet will scale plaque and tartar, clean the gum line, and polish the teeth of your pet. Just like humans, a six-monthly dental check-up is recommended for your dog.

  • Give him Chew Bones

    Chew bones and toys help in strengthening the gums and teeth. It also prevents build-up. However, this does not replace brushing or regular checks by a veterinarian.

    Make sure that you purchase chew toys that are high-quality and safe for your pet.

Taking care of the dental health of your pet is important for his overall health and well-being. Besides, treatment of dental issues for your dog can be quite expensive while causing discomfort. A simple dental extraction can cost $10 approximately. And, treatments like a molar root canal can cost about $1000!

Therefore taking care of your dog’s teeth coupled with regular check-ups is the best way to ensure that he does not face any dental issues. Regular check-ups by vets help detect dental issues in their nascent stages and address them before they become too complicated.

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